NASA space explorer to cast a vote from space

NASA space traveler Kate Rubins will cast a ballot from space in November, she told the Associated Press.

“I believe it’s truly significant for everyone to cast a ballot,” Rubins told the AP. “In the event that we can do it from space, at that point I accept people can do it starting from the earliest stage.”

Rubins is planned to be gliding 200 miles above Earth in the International Space Station for a half year starting in October, which means she’ll require a non-attendant voting form to cast a ballot in November.

Fortunately for Rubins and other American space travelers who are not on the planet during political race season, a 1997 Texas law permits them to cast a ballot from space. Most space explorers live in Houston.

For space travelers to cast a ballot, Mission Control sends a protected electronic polling form to the Space Station. The space explorers round the voting form out and return it to Mission Control, which advances it to the district agent.

Rubins and individual space explorer Shane Kimbrough likewise casted a ballot from space in 2016.


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