Nassau County is urging Biden to cut through federal red tape to deliver more than 50 rifles to Ukraine

Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman is encouraging President Biden to cut through federal red tape to deliver more than 50 rifles to Ukraine donated by his Long Island constituents.

All of weaponry matters to assist Ukrainians with safeguarding themselves from Russian invaders, Blakeman said.

“Individuals of Nassau County have done their part,” Blakeman said in a letter sent Wednesday to the president.

“We are presently requesting your help to tie down prompt federal endorsement to deliver the weapons to the Ukrainian Government. These weapons were gathered from conventional residents who have watched the awful scenes of Ukrainian fighters and residents fearlessly protect their country.”

He continued, “Time is of the quintessence… We stand prepared to do whatever it takes to promptly get these weapons to individuals who need them most.”

Blakeman declared the weapon gift program for Ukrainians last week. Rifles were dropped off at an authorized weapon store, SP Firearms Unlimited, in Franklin Square.

The GOP county pioneer said the mission is private too. His distant grandparents were from Ukraine.

He said he’s horrified by Russian soldiers’ killing of guiltless Ukrainians at the command of dictator Vladimir Putin and paid attention to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s allure for weaponry.

“Our expectation by doing our part here in Nassau, we can stop this conflict and breaking point the chance of American bloodshed… I accept we need to give our best for shield a vote based system and the Ukrainian individuals from Russian aggression,” Blakeman told the president.

The White House had no immediate comment.