NBA star James Harden has joined the board of the Saks luxury fashion site

Brooklyn Nets hoopster James Harden has joined the board of the Saks luxury fashion site, even as he gets one of its financial backers, the company said on Monday.

The NBA whiz moved toward Saks Fifth Avenue executive Richard Baker about putting resources into Saks after it was reported in March that the luxury retailer was dividing the stores from the online business, Baker told The media.

“I disclosed to him we didn’t require any investors,” Baker said. Yet, the two men started a progression of discussions, and “I was intrigued with his affection for fashion, so I welcomed him to turn into an investor on one condition, that he join the board,” Baker said.

Harden likewise is an investor in brands including Therabody, BodyArmor, Art of Sport and fragrance company Pura, where he fills in as innovative chief. He likewise has a shoe and attire line with Adidas.

The Saks web based business webpage as of late turned off from the Saks Fifth Avenue corporate store as an independently run company, however shoppers can in any case discover a significant part of a similar product at Saks as at the chain’s 40 physical stores, which acknowledge gets back from the digital business.

“This is an energizing chance for me to consolidate two of my own interests — an adoration for fashion and collaborating with brands that can possibly lead while having an effect on the communities they serve,” said Harden, who is known off the court for his fashion sense.

Harden, who once dated Khloe Kardashian among a line of different big names, is one of the NBA’s most productive scorers and is a nine-time NBA an elite player.

The detachment of, which has about $1 billion in yearly deals, and is a secretly held company was, to some extent, a reaction to the online deals development the company experienced during the pandemic.

Harden joins six other Saks board individuals — every one of whom are men up until now — including Saks CEO Marc Metrick and chief director Richard Baker. Two leaders from investor Insight Partners — Deven Parekh and Adam Berger — and Franz-Ferdinand Buerstedde of Rhone Capital are additionally on the board.