Ned Lamont self quarantines after a senior staff member tested positive for COVID-19.

Connecticut’s Gov. Ned Lamont declared Friday he will start self-quarantining after a senior staff member tried positive for COVID-19.

“The governor will quickly start the cycle of self-quarantining, as will different individuals from the governor’s ranking staff,” his office said in an assertion acquired by the news.

The governor’s central representative, Max Reiss, recognized himself as the staff member who had tried positive; in a Tweert late Friday he said he and his relatives are quarantining and are all indication free.

It’s hazy whether Lamont had been in close contact with the staff member, yet his office said contact-following endeavors were in progress.

“We are paying attention to this case and noticing all conventions to keep the governor, his family, and the entirety of our staff individuals and their families safe,” Chief of Staff Paul Mounds said in an assertion.

“While this is the principal case inside our organization, a huge number of Connecticut inhabitants have encountered COVID-19, and thousands of others have lost their lives.

Hills noticed that Lamont and his ranking staff get tried two times every week — and there were no other referred to cases as of Friday.

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