Neugart has a new management structure – Well positioned for the global future

In response to the challenges of the international mechanical engineering industry, the gearbox specialist Neugart, headquartered in Kippenheim, Baden, is adjusting its management structure: for the first time in the company’s almost one hundred-year history, Swen Herrmann and Holger Obergföll are the company’s two managing directors who are not members of the owner families.

The gearbox specialist Neugart has realigned its management structure (from left): Holger Obergföll, Bernd Neugart, Matthias Herr, Swen Herrmann. (Source: Neugart GmbH)

The reorganization of the management at Neugart GmbH has been in place since the beginning of 2024. The new managing directors are already part of the company: Swen Herrmann (44) has been with Neugart since 2013 in various positions, most recently as Managing Director of Business Development. Holger Obergföll (50) joined the company in 2019 as Managing Director of Supply Chain Management.

“We continue to build on the successful developments to date,” the two new managing directors agree. “We will not stand still and will align the organization so that we can continue to supply our customers and markets worldwide with the right products, at the right time and with high quality.”

Under the new management, Neugart GmbH has also restructured the first management level: A nine person “Leadership Team” will be responsible for the operational business under the direction of the management in the future. Neugart remains unchanged with all business units being owned by the founding Neugart and Herr families.

Focus on digitalization and internationalization
The previous managing directors Bernd Neugart and Matthias Herr will continue in their main function as owners and managing partners of Neugart Holding. The role of Neugart Holding will thus be strengthened: It already created the strategic umbrella for the Neugart Group. In addition to the three production facilities in Germany, the USA and China, this also includes the five sales subsidiaries in Brazil, Italy, France, Switzerland and Turkey.

Neugart Holding will now increasingly create the conditions on an international level to ensure that the companies of the Neugart Group can continue to successfully assert themselves on the global markets in the face of digitalization and internationalization.

Home location in Kippenheim is strengthened

Founded in 1928, today Neugart is a globally sought-after manufacturer of high-quality planetary and custom gearboxes. The Neugart companies employ around 850 people, 730 of which are at the headquarters in Kippenheim. Sales at the Kippenheim home location were approximately 112 million EUR in 2022. The home location in Kippenheim is continuously being expanded. The new factory 3 is currently being built opposite the existing production halls and should be ready for occupancy in the 4th quarter of 2024.

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