New York City Police Commissioner Dermot Shea has tested positive for coronavirus

New York City Police Commissioner Dermot Shea has tried positive for coronavirus.

“He is progressing nicely. He is home. He is running the department distantly. He is in standard contact with ranking staff,” a senior law enforcement official told the media.

The NYPD affirmed the news on Twitter.

Police sources disclosed to The Post that Shea had as of late been in close contact with individuals who had later tried positive for the virus. He at that point quarantined and got tried, the sources added.

The city’s top cop is the most recent in the NYPD to test positive for the pandemic bug that has nauseate thousand of officials and prompted the demise of 46 formally dressed workplaces and regular people individuals from the force.

As of now this year, 462 cops have tried positive for the virus, as per police authorities.

It was not quickly known whether any other person among the chief staff was in late contact with the commissioner and had quarantined.

The news comes two days after New York City’s subsequent endeavor to give out the antibody to in excess of 70% of cops was closed somewhere near Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

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