New York City restaurant proprietor, a far off cousin of Dr. Fauci, tears city’s immunization rules

No less than one restaurateur had sharp grapes for the civic chairman’s must-vaxx rule for clients and representatives.

Joe Fauci, proprietor of Staten Island’s famous La Fontana and La Fontana Serella — which are in the district’s under-inoculated Oakwood and Annadale areas — told the media, “Things are getting somewhat insane.

“I’m immunized myself, however i’m not sure how, these days, a non-FDA-supported medication is required,” Fauci said.

Furthermore, yes — he’s indirectly identified with Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is his dad’s subsequent cousin.

“I’m not sure how we will police this,” Joe Fauci said. “On the off chance that a person comes in without a legitimate [vaccination] card, how might we police it? We can’t call the large information base.

“Everything we’re doing is returning to things that didn’t work,” he said — alluding to last year’s closure and contact-following rules.

Fauci’s family established La Fontana 38 years prior and it immediately turned into a famous spot for neighborhood Republican legislators. They extended to La Fontana Serella in 2017.

Joe Fauci and his dad, who is additionally named Anthony, harshly scrutinized last year’s limitations in October.