New York & The Commercial Modeling Industry Monica Yvette Credited Print Model

It is true when people say that dreams do come true in New York. One of the most beautiful cities in the world. Known for the possibility of succeeding in your desired career choice. The market demand is always on point in New York, and that is why many who do seek a career start or career change come to New York.

One of the most popular career choices among women is modeling. Inspired by the shining lights of the city, the beautiful fashion brands, and the iconic “Sex and the City” show, many choose New York as their starting point in defining the modeling career. Also, there simply cannot be a better choice for it. Compared to the other fashion capitals in the world, New York is the top choice by being open and friendly to different cultures and entities, compared to, for example, Paris, where people are not so welcoming, or London, where the living costs are enormous.

From a modeling perspective, New York is fast-paced where everyone is trying to achieve, get noticed, and do their own thing. Being yourself is something that is much appreciated. It is the essential thing that will make one future model stand out in the crowd of other models, and get recognized by the big and famous brands. What does “commercial model” mean?

Commercial models are models that represent the everyday consumers, and they are very demanded by the big retailers and fashion brands, excluding the luxury famous brands. The need for the commercial models is so huge because the customers and the target group can relate to the person they are seeing in the advertisement.

What do you need to know about commercial modeling?

With commercial modeling, it is best to become a part of some modeling agency that will represent you. But, more or less, the rest is up to the individual itself. This is what you need to know:

1. Getting ahead on how to do auditions by watching YouTube trials, reading books, attending seminars and workshops is a great head start.

2. The pay in commercial modeling depends on the experience, the type of job, as well as the market.

3. The saturation in demand on the market can be discouraging for landing some big gig. However, in New York, finding a job is almost always guaranteed.

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