Nine COVID-19 patients died in a fire at a hospital in southern Turkey

Nine COVID-19 patients kicked the bucket Saturday in a fire in an emergency unit a clinic in southern Turkey, authorities said.

An oxygen chamber detonated in the ICU unit at Sanko University Hospital in Gaziantep, murdering nine patients matured somewhere in the range of 56 and 85. The fire was extinguished rapidly and 10 different patients endure, the report.

Government figures show that Turkey ICU units at present have a 74 percent bed inhabitance rate because of the pandemic, yet clinical authorities state the number is higher and that Turkish medical clinics are packed with Covid patients.

As of Friday, Turkey revealed 26,410 new Covid cases, carrying the nation’s absolute since March to 1.98 million.

Turkey hit a record day by day high of 246 COVID-19-related passings announced Friday for an in general revealed Covid loss of life of 17,610.

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