Noah The Popstar Sends Important Message To Parents Using Social Media

4 Year Old YouTuber, Noah The Popstar, has recently released a powerful new video on the platform titled “Message To Parents Using Social Media” and it’s the most relatable video we’ve seen in a long time. The video is a spoken word written by Noah’s father, to provide insight to parents with potential social media addictions, from the point of view of a child. The video is meant to make viewers think. Think about whether they’re actually spending quality time with their children, or are they just sharing space with their kids and assuming they’re spending time with them. How would a little child contextually form the proper sentences to inform their parents that they aren’t receiving the attention they really desire. So watching this video from the point of view of a child, and watching Noah The Popstar’s facial expressions really hits home for many of us here at The New York Age. 

Noah The Popstar really gets into the audience’s minds with this video. He provides viewers with valid points on whether parents are actually raising their kids, or if technology is raising the children of this new generation. Are we giving our kids tablets and phones to distract them so we can continue adulting? So we can continue socializing online? And for the majority of the parents who are… Why are we doing this? Why is it so difficult to pay personal attention to our kids? Has easy access to the internet through the movement of our fingers disabled our abilities to stay focused on our loved ones? 

The video is similar to a double entendre. This is because it can relate to people more than one way. Whether social media is enabling parents to neglect their children, or children to neglect their parents. 

At the end of Noah’s  “Message To Parents Using Social Media” video, he mentions that he would like to enjoy the love of his parents while he’s still a child; because one day he’s going to grow up and that opportunity in time will be lost forever. 

Noah The Popstar delivers an amazing audio performance for this video’s voice over, and absolutely heart wrenching facial and body expressions throughout the video. The message, direction, and overall feelings tied into this video are so powerful that we have to give a round of applause to Noah’s father for the concept. 

The video is currently sitting at 12,000 views within 48 hours, and if you haven’t seen it yet, then we highly recommend you check it out and share it with friends and family that may be able to relate it. 

You can watch the “Message To Parents Using Social Media” by Noah The Popstar here: 

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