number of Americans who called out sick from COVID spiked nearly 9 million in first weeks of 2022

The number of Americans who got down on wiped out to work as a result of COVID-19 spiked to almost 9 million in the initial two weeks of 2022, data shows.

The Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey delivered Wednesday showed 8.8 million individuals detailed not being working a result of COVID-related reasons between Dec. 29 and Jan. 10.

The staggering figure was a 65 percent expansion from the 3 million who got down on debilitated between Dec. 1 to Dec. 13 preceding the Omicron wave began to rage.

It wasn’t obvious from the data the number of 8.8 million workers needed to skip work since they were debilitated with symptoms, or on the other hand in the event that they were disengaging because of a positive test or close contact.

New COVID-19 cases across the US have plunged 53% since topping at a record 1.4 million infections recorded on Jan. 10, statistics compiled by Johns Hopkins University show.

There were 644,814 new cases and 2,479 new deaths recorded the nation over on Thursday, as per Johns Hopkins.

Cases are currently quickly declining in states, especially in the Northeast, that were hardest hit by the quick spreading Omicron variant – offering a hint of something to look forward to the colder time of year flood is beginning to ease.

While infections are as yet moving in Midwestern and Southern states, the expansion has eased back impressively as of late, the data shows.

Nationally, deaths – which typically linger around three weeks behind cases – are averaging around 1,950 per day. Fatalities up from 1,300 toward the beginning of the month however well underneath the 3,300 lives lost a day during the flood in January 2021.

Coronavirus hospitalizations, additionally a reactive result, hit a record high on Wednesday of 152,555 across the country.

The number of hospitalizations has been giving signs of settling around the 150,000 mark throughout the most recent week.