NYC $88 billion pension fund for municipal employees is dumping its Russian assets over Ukraine invasion

The Big Apple’s huge $88 billion pension fund for municipal employees is unloading its Russian resources as the reaction against the Kremlin’s intrusion of adjoining Ukraine keeps on developing.

The move by the NYC Employees’ Retirement System, declared Thursday, will influence resources that were esteemed at $31 million on Feb. 25 – before the United States, United Kingdom and European Union forced crippling sanctions on Russia’s major financial institutions and the country’s central bank.

Also it comes two days after the city annuity reserve that covers cops casted a ballot to strip $42 million in Russian-linked assets.

It’s not satisfactory what the Russian investments are worth now – assuming they’re worth anything by any means. Russian officials have requested their major monetary business sectors to stay shut as they attempt to head off an accident. In the mean time, the worth of the country’s currency, the ruble, has also collapsed.

“Freedom can’t be denied, here or anyplace,” said Mayor Eric Adams in an articulation. “That is the reason I stand on the side of endeavors to strip the city’s pension funds from Russian resources considering the continuous attack of Ukraine – an unprovoked and unjustified war.”

The two significant unions covered by NYCERS – AFSCME District Council 37 and Teamsters Local 237 – also endorsed the move.

“Putin’s Russia has no place in our investment portfolio. We support individuals of Ukraine,” said Teamsters chief Gregory Floyd.