NYC Department of Correction discloses plan to shutter ‘The Tombs’ and a prison on Rikers Island

The infamous Manhattan lockup known as “The Tombs” will be covered alongside a prison on Rikers Island before the finish of November, the Department of Correction said Friday.

The terminations are essential for the organization’s transition to make four littler prisons in each city district aside from Staten Island, an arrangement made by the City Council when the chamber casted a ballot to close down lockups on Rikers Island.

“We are additionally exploiting the critical decrease in our current and extended prison populace to keep shutting more seasoned offices that represent the most squeezing authoritative and basic issues. This will permit us to combine our endeavors in better offices, diminish additional time, extend preparing and projects, and keep putting resources into upgrading wellbeing,” Cynthia Brann, the magistrate of the city DOC, wrote in a letter to staff.

She included that staff individuals at the two prisons — the Otis Bantum Correctional Center and The Tombs — would be reassigned to different offices and orders in the division in the following month.

The Metropolitan Detention Center, otherwise known as The Tombs, right now has 748 officials and 434 detainees, while the Otis Bantum Correctional Center has 857 officials and 329 prisoners.

In an announcement, the association that speaks to adjustment officials impacted the arrangement, saying it would prompt congestion amidst a pandemic.

“The present wild declaration on the arranged terminations of MDC and OBCC would toss prisoners and officials on head of the individuals who are now in different correctional facilities, expanding the thickness and trading off our capacity to plan for a second flood of COVID-19 that has just developed in Brooklyn and Queens,” said Benny Bosico Jr., leader of the Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association.


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