NYC officials call on Eric Adams to require coronavirus vaccines for city school kids next year

Exactly when you thought city vaccine mandate discusses were waning.

A powerful pair of elected city authorities – Public Advocate Jumaane Williams and City Comptroller Brad Lander – are approaching Mayor Eric Adams to require Covid vaccines for city school kids one year from now.

In a joint proclamation, Williams and Lander requested “a necessity for full COVID vaccination for students to get back to school the following fall, as area of the City’s standard vaccination requirements.”

Adams, alongside Gov. Kathy Hochul, have both recently flagged their support for a school vaccine mandate.

“We realize vaccination saves lives, so we should clarify now that it will be expected for section to school the following fall,” Lander said in an explanation.

Williams said COVID-19 drawdowns should be “directed by the science, not the calendar.”

The Department of Education uncovered last week that 52% of qualified city kids matured five and more seasoned are fully vaccinated.

The duo also called for the DOE to provide options for “teachers and students who wish to remain in all-masked classrooms.”

Williams and Lander warned that the city should stay prepared to handle the beginning of another COVID-19 variant and keep up with boundless Covid testing capacities.

Adams is expected to lift indoor school masking mandates on Friday as the city endeavors to reestablish a few similarity to predictability following the pandemic.

City Hall said Thursday that children matured four and under will in any case need to wear covers in their early education schools since they are not qualified to be vaccinated.