NYC to examine whether Trump settled city taxes: de Blasio

The city Department of Finance will research whether President Trump has settled his city taxes, Mayor de Blasio said Monday night in the wake of a stunner report finding the president paid zero government annual taxes in 10 out of 15 late years.

“I figure we can ensure dependent on the data in the New York Times that he hasn’t paid his city taxes the manner in which he ought to have,” Hizzoner said on NY1.

“Our city Finance Department will get the opportunity to work immediately to decide whether in reality the leader of the United States duped New York City on his taxes,” he proceeded. “I believe it’s an inescapable result now, given all that we’ve seen from this person.”

Trump paid only $750 in personal assessment in 2015 and 2016, the Times announced Sunday. The president rushed to excuse the disclosures as “phony news,” however he’s would not give an elective record of his expense history.

De Blasio, who ran a fleeting presidential mission a year ago, portrayed the discoveries in the Times report as “shocking.”

“I think a ton of his allies will take a gander at this and be furious,” he said.

The White House didn’t promptly answer a solicitation for input.


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