NYPD Hate Crime Task Force investigates anti-Asian incidents reported on NYC

Two additional demonstrations of anti-Asian contempt were accounted for Monday in Manhattan — with the victims assaulted with bigoted appellations, as per police.

The principal occurrence happened not long before 11:30 a.m. Monday at 26th Street and Sixth Avenue, where an obscure man approached a 23-year-elderly person, kicked her in the right leg and said, “F–k you, you f–lord Chinese people, f–k you,” as per the NYPD.

“You f–ruler Asian. Move the f–k away from me, I will give a thumping to you,” he regurgitated, as per cops.

The man threatened to use a blade when a decent Samaritan bounced in and afterward took off, police said.

Then, at that point, not long before 7 p.m. that very day, a man shouted at a 57-year-old Asian lady who was strolling with her grandkids.

“F—ruler Chinese individuals!” the man shouted at the convergence of Chambers Street and West Broadway in Tribeca, cops said.

The man attempted to contact one grandchild’s head, yet the lady pulled the kid away and the man took off, police said.

The NYPD’s Hate Crime Task Force is exploring the two occurrences.