El Vendrell, Spain – October 19, 2023 – ODVA held its Industry Conference and 22nd Annual Meeting of Members in Europe for the first time in El Vendrell, Spain from October 17 – 19, 2023. Over 125 industry professionals from approximately 50 different companies hailing from all around the world were in attendance. Attendees were able to learn from a diverse set of presentations, including developments for Single Pair Ethernet (SPE), 5G, cybersecurity, process automation, TSN, and data science.

In addition, ODVA featured two powerful keynote sessions during its 22nd Annual Meeting of Members. The first keynote, from Vincenzo Renda with DIGITALEUROPE, discussed the future of data management, giving insight to manufacturers looking to stay ahead of the latest rules affecting the data to which they are generating and facilitating access, especially in Europe. The second keynote, from Keith Larson with Endeavor Media, illustrated an important study that ODVA commissioned on the future of SPE that pointed to both a strong market opportunity and a need for industry wide education. Lastly, an update from ODVA’s leadership was provided on the recent accomplishments such as the launch of Ethernet-APL, collaborations across process automation, security, and energy management, and the availability of Process Device Profiles, as well as future initiatives for ODVA that will accelerate progress on enhancing EtherNet/IP.

ODVA’s 22nd Annual Meeting capped a week of technical sessions offered through ODVA’s 2023 Industry Conference. The latest developments in ODVA technologies and applications were presented at the conference, including:

• Industrial Ethernet Security Harmonization Group – Collaboration is key – Endress+Hauser
• Constrained CIP Security Best Practices – Rockwell Automation
• Automatic CIP Security via Pull Policy – HMS Networks, Schneider Electric, Rockwell
• The Future of 5G on the Factory Floor – HMS Networks
• Process Device Profiles Come to Life – Emerson, Endress+Hauser, Honeywell, KROHNE, Phoenix Contact, and Rockwell Automation
• Expanding Constrained EtherNet/IP to On-Machine Sensors – Rockwell Automation
• Evaluating EtherNet/IP and CIP Safety Communication over 5G – OMRON
• General Purpose Single Pair Ethernet for Process Instruments – Endress+Hauser, Rockwell Automation
• High Availability Process Safety Applications Enabled by Concurrent Connections – Rockwell Automation
• A Central Network Controller for Industrial Automation – What does it mean for ODVA? – Cisco
• The Other Five Wires in the In-Cabinet SPE Solution – Rockwell Automation
• IT and OT collaboration working: CyberSecurity in Industrial Control – Cisco
• Evolving the CIP Energy Objects – Schneider Electric
• Leveraging 5G Networks and EtherNet/IP: Unleashing the Power of TSN, Clustered Networks, and Deterministic Connectivity for Sensor-to-Cloud Architecture – Utthunga
• Industrial Automation Wireless Networks Update – Ever More Relevant for CIP Communications – Cisco, Rockwell Automation, & Panduit
• Lowering obstacles for interoperability test participation: suggested updates to the recommended Functionality for EtherNet/IP Devices document – HMS Networks
• Enabling Data Scientist Use Cases with Discoverability and Metadata – Rockwell Automation
• Latest Developments in Conformance Testing – ODVA

Additional highlights of ODVA’s Industry Conference included a process automation interchangeability demonstration highlighting the workflow and user experience between multiple devices being enabled by process device profiles. A new ODVA Membership video was also introduced during the Annual Meeting (which can be viewed here: www.odva.org/membership/membership-benefits/). Finally, a new Process Automation technology paper and video was announced (which can be viewed here: www.odva.org/processautomation) that emphasizes all of EtherNet/IP’s recent adaptations to the process industries.

ODVA has been continuously enhancing the EtherNet/IP network to meet the current needs such as safety, security, and interoperability along with anticipating future opportunities such as Industry 4.0, IIoT, and data science. To download the technical papers and presentations from ODVA’s Industry Conference and Annual Meetings, please visit: https://www.odva.org/news-events/industry-conference/library-of-proceedings/.

About ODVA

ODVA is an international standards development and trade organization with members from the world’s leading automation suppliers. ODVA’s mission is to advance open, interoperable information and communication technologies for industrial automation. Its standards include the Common Industrial Protocol or “CIP,” ODVA’s media independent network protocol – and industrial communication technologies including EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet and others. For interoperability of production systems and their integration with other systems, ODVA embraces the adoption of commercial-off-the-shelf, standard Internet and Ethernet technologies as a guiding principle. This principle is exemplified by EtherNet/IP – today’s leading industrial Ethernet network. Visit ODVA online at www.odva.org.

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