Oklahoma police officer rescues children from fire in his own home

A working Oklahoma cop was hospitalized in the wake of protecting his youngsters from a fire at his own home last Friday, a report said.

Official Anthony Louie, with the Seminole Police Department, went through his consuming yard to spare his two children, ages 7 and 14, the division told media.

Louie endured consumes to his face and smoke inward breath. His better half, Lureena Louie, told the news network that her significant other might be delivered from the clinic on Tuesday.

The Seminole Fraternal Order of Police is assisting with raising assets for the family to take care of the expenses of lost property.

“The overflowing of help and love for Corporal Louie and his family from the residents of Seminole and past has been astounding,” the gathering wrote in a Saturday Facebook post.

The official’s significant other acknowledged the police bunch for helping her through the misfortune.

“If not for them, I likely couldn’t have experienced this,” she told the media. “They’ve been close by the entire way.”


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