On stage, the thoughts of the singer Sia, who hides her whole face behind the wigs, are different

Sia – the singer musician behind “Chandelier” and “Elastic Heart” — once in a while gives interviews. In front of an audience, she takes cover behind wigs that cover her whole face. Privacy is her thing.

In any case, of late, Sia Kate Isobelle Furler has ended up in an awkward spotlight. Also, the individuals who realize the isolated craftsman say she is no uncertainty tormented by it.

Her previous manager Tim Clark revealed to The Post that it can turn one of two different ways: “She’ll either be unfathomably irate or, more than likely return into herself and retreat.”

That spotlight will consume splendidly Sunday as her movie coordinating introduction, “Music,” is up for two Golden Globes — Best Picture in the melodic or satire classification, and Best Actress in that type for Kate Hudson.

The film focuses on a mentally unbalanced young lady — played by 18-year-old Maddie Ziegler, who has featured in large numbers of Sia’s music recordings and who’s not on the chemical imbalance range herself — and her medication managing sister (Hudson). The Post’s Johnny Oleksinski depicted Ziegler’s presentation as “an awkwardly elevated impersonation that never sounds accurate and borderlines on joke,” adding that the entertainer “consistently has her mouth open with a wide smile and overstates outward appearances like she’s Marcel Marceau.”

It has drawn fire from the mental imbalance local area. “[‘Music’] seemed like it ridiculed individuals on the mental imbalance range,” Camille Proctor, leader head of the Color of Autism Foundation, disclosed to The Post. “What’s more, I don’t figure that Sia feels terrible about it.”

In excess of 55,000 individuals marked petitions requiring an authority judgment of “Music” by the entertainment world.

With analysis heaping on, Sia, 45, recently said she would eliminate scenes in which Ziegler’s character is truly restrained — a hazardous strategy debilitate by chemical imbalance advocates. “I tuned in to some unacceptable individuals and that is my duty … ” Sia tweeted. (She has since erased her Twitter account.)

It was only two months prior that she confessed to having tuned in to another off-base individual: Shia LaBeouf, who featured in Sia’s 2015 music video for “Elastic Heart.” After the entertainer’s ex, vocalist FKA Twigs, documented a suit blaming him for rape, Sia tweeted that LaBeouf was a “obsessive liar, who conned me into a double-crossing relationship … ”

Also, the individuals who realize Sia say this public unrest is likely negatively affecting her.