OptionsSwing Inc.: The Stock Trading Company Founded by Jason Lee and Jose Infante That’s Been Scaling at an Exceptional Pace

Since its creation in August of 2019, Jason Lee and Jose Infante have been growing their online educational company OptionsSwing, and it’s thanks to the exceptional education and strategies they offer their members. The company is a membership subscription service and offers students different programs: monthly, yearly, and a full video course, including access to a premium and private Discord server with over 2,000 members.

OptionsSwing has created a handful of resources for its members to use as extra help. These include infographics that go through industry information in a straightforward and easily-digestible way, bots designed to assist members and inform them of where “big money” is investing, 8 dedicated mentors to teach students of all levels and real-time trading every weekday.

Currently, OptionsSwing has over 170 five-star reviews, with many detailing the great community and perfect courses for beginners. Their clientele is worldwide, though there’s an extra focus in major cities, such as New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta, and Miami.

Creating a Strong Online Presence

OptionsSwing began in August 2019 on Instagram, when an account was created to share knowledge of the trading industry. A year later, through strong marketing and high-quality services, the company reached 100,000 followers on Instagram and 1,800 members for their program. Three months later, their following rose to 150,000, a great reflection of the dedication and thoroughness that goes into the business.

The company’s Instagram gains an average of 750 followers a day, growth that began after the use of apps like RobinHood and WeBull became available, where individuals can connect their bank account and invest in the stock market. These numbers have been steadily on the rise since last year, with an impressive burst in these last few months.

The Lack of Need for a Physical Office

For Jason and Jose, having the bulk of their company online has been a big help in scaling, and it helps keep the profit margins healthy. Some day they hope to branch out with offices, but for now, their system is working exceptionally well, and there aren’t plans to change.

The online aspect has also been a great tool during the virus that has quarantined many; it’s allowed Jason and Jose to continue growing their business without the risk of closure. In ten months of the pandemic, they developed their yearly recurring revenue to $1 million. In five years or more, one can only imagine where they’ll end up.

OptionsSwing is active on multiple social media platforms and can be found at the handle @OptionsSwing on Instagram. Or, find them on their website, OptionsSwing.com.


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