Pastel Network Partners with MetaVisa to Bring Authenticity to NFT Holders and Have Cooperative AMA with Bounty Rewards

The layer-3 middleware protocol, MetaVisa has announced a partnership with the NFT blockchain and platform Pastel Network. The partnerships come amid a growing need for reliability, security, and verifiability in the NFT space, integrating Pastel’s Sense and Cascade protocol across its native NFT standard. It’s an essential step for MetaVisa NFT ecosystem to provide permanent storage and near-duplicate detection verification to users on their on-chain assets.

For now, there are few projects addressing the security and storage issues in the industry, and the NFT scams on third-party platforms such as Opensea is nothing new now. It is a primary security issue affecting organizations across the NFT ecosystem. Scams and frauds are widespread while centralized storage is failing to provide adequate reliability. To solve those problems, Pastel Network provides the necessary tools – the Sense protocol for near-duplicate nft detection and Cascade protocol for on-chain distributed storage – to mitigate these challenges on MetaVisa’s platform. Pastel will integrate with the decentralized identity and credit system of MetaVisa to protect against such frauds.

With the incredible infrastructure for the NFT ecosystem that Pastel provides, Pastel Network also delivers a lightweight and seamless integration model for all potential partners.

MetaVisa and Pastel Network will firstly start the cooperation with an AMA held in the MetaVisa Telegram community where we will discuss the partnership direction and the NFT market supported by credit system to have more security for users’ assets. On January 19th, Anthony Georgiades, Co-Founder of Pastel Network, will speak live on MetaVisa’s Telegram ( The AMA will offer the community the opportunity to ask direct questions about the partnership. Pastel will also give away a total of $500 worth of PSL token to those who participate in the AMA, and will also have additional rewards for members who follow and retweet the event on Twitter for both projects.

MetaVisa is now holding an airdrop event where users who mint MetaVisa Hero Assembly NFT will have a chance to share $100,000 USDT bounty rewards. This is the limited-edition line of MetaVisa Hero Assembly, a total of 10,000 of these special NFTs exist, and no more will ever be created. Join the Sticker Campaign now and also have a chance to share $2,500 USDT. 

About Pastel: 

Pastel is the world’s preeminent protocol standard for NFT technology. Pastel also allows for the development of third-party applications to sit on top of its Network, enabling developers to enjoy the scalable registration features, storage processes and security of the broader ecosystem. Lightweight protocols such as Sense — which was built to assess the relative rareness of a given NFT against near-duplicate metadata — and Cascade — which conducts permanent, distributed storage of underlying NFT data — can be integrated across any native L1 blockchains or L2 marketplaces.

Pastel is an entirely native blockchain supported by SuperNodes, which provides computational resources to the network to support asset registration, distribution, and permanent storage. Pastel is managed by world-class developers, cryptographers, and technologists, supported alongside an experienced and extensive network of marketers, influencers, and third-party agencies. Pastel is backed by key stakeholders including Innovating Capital, a prominent venture fund. For more information on Pastel Network, visit

About MetaVisa:

MetaVisa, a layer-3 middleware protocol built on Ethereum, dedicated to developing decentralized identity and building a credit system in the Metaverse. By analyzing blockchain data, MetaVisa Protocol helps users establish and display reliable on-chain identity & credit records and makes it easier for DeFi, NFT, GameFi, DAO, and other DApps to better serve their users through our credit system; which we call the MetaVisa Protocol Credit Score (MCS).

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