Pat Robertson predicts Trump will win political race

TV preacher Pat Robertson anticipated on Tuesday that President Trump will win the political race, trailed by mass common turmoil and afterward a conceivably world-finishing space rock strike.

“Above all else, I need to state beyond a shadow of a doubt, Trump will win the political decision,” Robertson, the organizer of the Christian Broadcasting Network said on “The 700 Club,” USA Today announced.

After the political decision, notwithstanding, the 90-year-old evangelist anticipated worldwide mayhem, including a battle against Israel, before a time of harmony when God mediates.

“God will bring a time of incredible harmony,” Robertson said.

Yet, at that point, Robertson stated, over five years after the political decision, the world as we probably am aware it might reach end.

“What I think honestly is the main thing that will satisfy the expression of Jesus … is some sort of space rock strike on the globe,” he said.

“It’s abrupt devastation. It won’t be some atomic war. We’re not going to be permitted to explode this world.”

Robertson has twice before inaccurately anticipated the world’s end, the report said.


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