people flocked to US airports amid of rising COVID-19 cases

In excess of 2,000,000 individuals rushed to US air terminals this end of the week in front of Thanksgiving — notwithstanding wellbeing authorities encouraging Americans to nix their travel occasion travel plans.

There were 1,019,836 travelers who went through air terminal security checkpoints Friday, trailed by another 984,369 on Saturday, as indicated by the Transportation Security Administration.

The figure was still just around 42 percent of the quantity of travelers who were screened a year ago on similar dates, information shows.

However, the end of the week was one of the busiest for air terminals since the pandemic started.

Friday’s traffic denoted the second-most noteworthy number of individuals traveling in the skies since March — just beat by the 1.03 million travelers on Oct. 18.

The surge of travelers comes after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cautioned Americans not to travel for Thanksgiving.

“The misfortune that could happen is that one of your relatives, from meeting up in this family assembling really could wind up being hospitalized and seriously sick and bite the dust. CDC is advising against travel during the Thanksgiving time frame,” the organization’s COVID-19 episode administrator, Dr. Henry Walke, said.

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