Perilously stuffed Brooklyn Bridge powers NYC to pay $75k settlement to harmed cyclist

The bicycle path on the Brooklyn Bridge is so risky the city a month ago hacked up a boatloads of money repayment to a cyclist who was harmed on the infamous swarmed milestone.

Carolea Goldfarb, 64, was paid $75,000 on Sept. 9 to settle a claim asserting the city Department of Transportation “made an outlandish danger of damage by neglecting to give a sufficient defend to walkers and cyclists” on the scaffold, the city Law Department said Wednesday.

Goldfarb — who resigned as a Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney a year ago — was cycling to Manhattan from her office in downtown Brooklyn on the night of Dec. 7, 2017 when a man stepped before her in the bicycle path on the range’s western incline, making her accident.

She broke her correct hand throughout her fall — a physical issue that necessary medical procedure and long periods of exercise based recuperation.

The bicycle and passerby paths on the Brooklyn Bridge are isolated by just a meager white line, in contrast to the Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridges, where walkers and cyclists are coordinated to inverse sides of the ranges.

Prior to the pandemic, hordes of travelers ran to the Brooklyn Bridge each day.

Goldfarb’s lawyer Daniel Flanzig said the painted line between the bicycle and walker paths was blurred during the accident — yet contended the extension’s risks go a lot farther than a terrible paint work.

“In a period like this where individuals need to have safe access into Manhattan on the Brooklyn Bridge, tragically it stays in a similar condition,” said Flanzig. “There stays a contention among walkers and cyclists attempting to utilize a similar way.”

Goldfarb, an ordinary cyclist, said in a statement last December that she’s consistently cautious riding over the extension.

“I never go quick on the extension,” said Goldfarb. “I generally continue with most extreme alert on the grounds that there isn’t safegaurds set up for bicyclists and there is 1,000,000 hindrances in the method of walkers.”

Spot Commissioner Polly Trottenberg has for quite a long time vowed to investigate extending the extension’s walker and bicycle promenade — and in 2017 said the city would commission an examination to see whether the range’s links could uphold an enlarged way.


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