Phantom High-Speed Cameras adopt EMVA 1288

Vision Research, manufacturer of Phantom high-speed cameras, has made a major update to its published product specifications. By incorporating European Machine Vision Association (EMVA) 1288 testing standards to measure sensor characteristics, a scientific overview of image performance is now available. This further enables users to choose the best camera for their challenging applications. EMVA 1288 has long been used to measure performance in machine vision cameras, but Vision Research is the first manufacturer to apply it to RAM-based high-speed cameras.

As a result of providing EMVA 1288 report summaries, Vision Research will no longer be including ISO 12232 measurements for their products moving forward. ISO 12232 has been used by high-speed camera manufacturers to indicate sensitivity; however, it has limited usefulness in practice. Significant indicators of image quality are not included, particularly when it comes to capturing images with high contrast and in low-light situations.

Kevin Gann, Vice President of R&D at Vision Research explains “We have always had a strong focus on image quality and EMVA 1288 provides a deep understanding about how a camera will perform in a particular application. It also provides consistency when comparing cameras and includes data about the imaging tradeoffs inherent in the sensor design. As the leaders in high-speed imaging, we felt incumbent to implement these measurements across our primary product lines so that our customers can truly understand their camera’s image performance”.

Quantum efficiency, temporal dark noise, dynamic range, and absolute sensitivity threshold are among the parameters specified in an EMVA 1288 report. Referencing these in addition to pixel size, resolution, and throughput provides the information necessary to compare cameras in terms of image response.

Toni Lucatorto, Senior Product Manager at Vision Research adds, “We are excited to implement this new set of image specs, as it is clearly a superior way to specify image quality and sensitivity. Visit our website for resources to learn about the measurements included in EMVA 1288”.

About Vision Research
Vision Research is a leading manufacturer of high-speed digital imaging systems that are indispensable across a wide variety of applications, including defense, automotive, engineering, science, medical research, industrial manufacturing, packaging, and digital cinematography.
The Wayne, N.J.-based company designs and manufactures the most comprehensive range of digital high-speed cameras available today, all of which deliver unsurpassed light-sensitivity, image resolution, acquisition speed and image quality.
Over the course of its 60+ year history, Vision Research has earned numerous awards in recognition of its innovations in high-speed digital camera technology and sensor design, including a technical Emmy and an Academy Award®. Vision Research digital high-speed cameras add a new dimension to the sense of sight, allowing the user to see details of an event when it’s too fast to see, and too important not to.
Vision Research is a business of AMETEK Inc., a leading global provider of industrial technology solutions serving a diverse set of attractive niche markets with annual sales over $6.0 billion.

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