Pilot reports seeing man on jetpack close to Los Angeles air terminal, second time this year

A man flying a jetpack was spotted Wednesday close to Los Angeles International Airport, nearby CBS subsidiary KCBS revealed. It’s the second time this year that a pilot has detected a jetpack-flying man close to LAX.

A China Air pilot brought in the rocket man at around 2 p.m. neighborhood time, as per KCBS. His plane was around 6,000 feet noticeable all around and 7 miles northwest of LAX at that point.

The Federal Aviation Administration and neighborhood specialists are researching.

Phys.org reports that “jetpacks” being created by Martin Aircraft Co. all the more intently look like scaled down helicopters and arrive at a most extreme elevation of 3,000 feet, or around 3,000 feet lower than the announced range from Wednesday. Flying one requires a pilots permit and the units cost around $200,000, however not will be not accessible on the purchaser market.


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