popcorn, snacks not allowed in France movie theaters due to a rapid surge in the Omicron variant

There will be no popcorn films in France for some time – basically not in theaters – because of a quick flood in the Omicron variant.

Starting Monday, the nation will put a three-week stop on the utilization of the popular snack in cinemas in a boycott that will apply to all eating and drinking.

The actions will apply to theaters, sports scenes and public transportation.

Film owners, who wanted to bait back individuals who have been watching motion pictures at home during the pandemic, will endure a shot by the shut concession stands.

Movie theaters in France sold 96 million tickets in the eight months they have been returned in 2021, a leap of 47% contrasted with last year — yet ticket deals are as yet down 55% contrasted with 2019, as per the National Center for Film and Moving Images.

Benoit Ciné Distribution, which supplies the snacks to almost three-quarters of France’s cinemas, had expected good sales with “Spider-Man: No Way Home” and “Matrix Resurrections” drawing crowds.

“It resembles being told to apply the crisis brake to the high velocity train,” Vincent Meyer, a chief at Benoit, told the media.

Michel Enten, supervisor of the Le Fontenelle film in the town of Marly-le-Roi west of Paris, said he anticipates that the ban should hit bigger cinemas especially hard, however it might even assist draw with sponsorship fans to smaller theaters like his.

“There are lots of individuals who disdain hearing the hints of popcorn in the amphitheaters,” said Enten, who lost with regards to half of his clientele during the pandemic.

“Maybe we will prevail upon new film fans, individuals who were watching Netflix and are saying to themselves, ‘Presently there’s no more popcorn, we should race to the film,'” he said.

Some cinemagoers attempted to comprehend the reason why they will not have the option to chow down on rich popcorn and different tidbits while eateries are as yet permitted to serve food and drinks.

“It will be abnormal to simply go to the film and manage without this multitude of little minutes,” Vincent Bourdais said as he arranged in Marly-le-Roi to see “Spiderman.”

“Often, when one envisions the film, one thinks about the amphitheater, the wonderful banners, the popcorn, the smells,” he added.