Popeyes introduce a different chocolate product

Is Popeyes attempting to begin something extraordinary

The singed chicken chain, which caused cross country delirium a year ago with its top rated sandwich, is getting back to its foundations for its most recent menu thing.

Popeyes is currently test promoting chocolate-filled beignets that are singed to arrange and secured with powdered sugar.

Beignets, a French expression for cake made of a sensitive mixture that is southern style, are a staple of New Orleans food going back hundreds of years.

Otherwise called French doughnuts, beignets are typically served for breakfast or as a tidbit.

Lamentably, Popeyes’ beignets aren’t accessible across the country — at any rate not yet.

“As a brand from New Orleans, we are continually hoping to bring new dishes and pastries from our old neighborhood to the menu, yet as of now the beignets are just accessible at select eateries,” an organization agent said.

Foodbeast had the option to find some at a couple of Massachusetts-territory establishment areas.

@A_couple_fatties told the site that the beignets were “great,” and accompany heaps of powdered sugar. “The chocolate was simply overflowing out of them,” the Instagrammers uncovered. .

As per a few reports, the sweet treats are accessible in select Boston and Baltimore areas.

The inexpensive food beignets arrive in an assortment of serving sizes: three beignets for $1.99, six for $3.99, and twelve for $7.49.

Costs may differ by area.


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