President Biden met privately with Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema to discuss voting rights

President Biden met secretly with Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema on Thursday night after the two Democratic legislators reaffirmed their resistance to changing the legislative filibuster in order to pass major election reform legislation.

During the shut entryway meeting, the three had “a real to life and deferential trade of perspectives about casting a ballot rights,” a White House official said.

Prior Thursday, Biden everything except surrendered rout on passing the Democrats’ democratic privileges regulation after Sinema would not get behind Biden’s filibuster initiative.

“We should address the disease itself, the sickness of division, to secure our a vote based system,” Simena said during a floor speech. “And it cannot be achieved by one party alone.”

Minutes after the speech, Biden met with Democratic senators in a different shut entryway meeting – and arose with a skeptical perspective on passing the voting rights bill.

“I truly want to believe that we can finish this, however I don’t know,” the president said. “In any case, one thing for certain [is that] like each and every other major civil rights bill that came along, if we miss the first time, we can come back and try it a second time.”