President Biden plans to visit Texas next week

President Biden plans to visit Texas one week from now as the Lone Star State manages an emergency level storm that has left millions without power or drinking water.

“It depends, yet the appropriate response is yes,” Biden told columnists Friday when inquired as to whether he would visit Texas however said he didn’t need it to disturb recuperation endeavors.

“I would prefer not to be a weight. At the point when the president lands in any city in America, it has a long tail,” he said.

“In the event that truth be told it’s closed I can do it without making a weight, I plan on going. We’ll settle on that choice most likely start of one week from now.”

In any event 40 individuals have passed on after verifiably low temperatures washed over Texas, taking out huge areas of the state’s power and freezing pipes.

A 11-year-old kid was discovered dead in his bed Monday of suspected hypothermia when his trailer lost power, while a lady and little youngster were killed from carbon monoxide harming when they sat in a joined carport while a vehicle was running in light of the fact that there was no warmth in their home.

Starting at Friday evening, 170,000 homes stayed without power, down from a pinnacle of in excess of 4 million, and in excess of 7 million individuals have been told to bubble faucet water prior to drinking it.

On Friday, Biden said he would sign a significant catastrophe affirmation permitting the Federal Emergency Management Agency to quicken its reaction to the emergency.