Prince Andrew Feels Crush to Collaborate after Cook Blends Pot with FBI

Ruler Andrew, 60, is feeling the warmth again to help out FBI after a private gourmet specialist began letting the cat out of the bag about his late pedophile buddy Jeffrey Epstein.

Adam Perry Lang worked for the sentenced debase from 1999 to 2003, when Epstein took the Duke of York globetrotting on his personal luxury plane, The Mirror announced.

Lang was on three trips with Epstein and Andrew — two in February 1999 and one in May 2000, the outlet revealed, refering to court reports.

The gourmet expert, 52, offered to chat with FBI examiners after he got a request from Virginia Guiffre, who has blamed British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell for orchestrating her to have intercourse with the disfavored regal when she was just 17. Andrew fervently denies the charges.

Guiffre, presently 36, composed Lang: “Kindly don’t be an empowering influence. Be a legend to me,” The Mirror detailed.

Lang is “completely collaborating,” with FBI examiners, who have “become progressively irritated” at the regal’s refusal to talk, The Mirror said.

In April, the Justice Department presented a solicitation to the UK’s Home Office to talk with Andrew. The duke’s legal advisors demand they have consistently offered to have their customer answer questions.

“The gloves are solidly off. Perry Lang holds data on what occurred,” a unidentified source revealed to The Mirror. “They will get however much detail as could be expected that will help shape any meeting they may one day have with the Duke.”


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