Protesters gathers in Kabul against Biden’s plan to give $3.5B in assets to 9/11 victims

Protesters gathered in Kabul Saturday to exhibit against President Joe Biden’s controversial decision to free up $3.5 billion in frozen Afghan resources held in the United States to provide for the family members of 9/11 victims in America.

The demonstrators outside Kabul’s Eid Gah Mosque said the cash ought to go to Afghans as remuneration for the huge number of Afghans killed during the 20-year war.

Biden signed a request Friday that assigns one more $3.5 billion in Afghan resources for go into a United Nations trust fund that will give humanitarian guide in Afghanistan.

The Afghan economy has been near the very edge of catastrophe since the Taliban’s reconquest of the country in August 2021. Adversaries of Biden’s arrangement are wary with regards to how the United Nations will really deal with that cash.

Every one of the funds have been frozen in the U.S. banking framework since the Taliban seized back to drive. Before that, they were utilized to help hospitals, schools, factories and government ministries.

Torek Farhadi, a monetary counselor to Afghanistan’s previous US-upheld government, scrutinized the UN’s control of the Afghan Central Bank reserves.

That cash, he said, isn’t intended for humanitarian guide however “to back up the nation’s money, help in financial approach and deal with the nation’s equilibrium of installment.” Farhadi likewise said he wasn’t certain about whether Biden’s order was lawful.

“These reserves have a place with individuals of Afghanistan, not the Taliban. … Biden’s decision is uneven and doesn’t coordinate with global regulation,” said Farhadi. “No other nation on Earth settles on such seizure decisions about another country’s reserves.”

Afghanistan has about $9 billion in resources abroad, remembering the $7 billion for the United States. The rest is for the most part in Germany, the United Arab Emirates and Switzerland.

Signs in English at Saturday’s dissent blamed the United States for being savage and of taking the cash of Afghans.

Taliban political representative Mohammad Naeem charged the Biden organization in a tweet late Friday of appearing “the most minimal degree of humanity … of a country and a nation.”

“I can’t recollect the last time such countless individuals of such immeasurably unique perspectives were so joined over a US policy decision on Afghanistan,” he tweeted.