Raini and Krew Studios Announce Upcoming 1 of 1 Auction in Anticipation of Jordi Molla’s MASKS Drop

Earlier in November, Raini and Krew Studios announced their collaboration which will be bringing in A-tier brands and celebrities into the digital space through a series of curated, limited edition NFT lineups.

The first of these, the MASKS by Jordi Molla, is scheduled to launch on December 08 on Raini’s platform. MASKS is a collection of unique digital masks based on a collection of meticulously hand-painted masks created by the artist and actor. The MASKS lineup is intended to pull back the layers that hide the true value in a person’s soul and character, demonstrating the connection between who we choose to appear as in externally, and who we are truly, deep within. It is expected that the collection will be integrated as an accessory for profile pictures with more details to soon follow.

In preparation for the drop, it was announced that an auction of one of Jordi’s paintings, which regularly sell for $28,000 as unframed acrylic canvas, will be conducted via an NFT (accompanied with the right to redeem for the physical accompaniment) through the Raini platform. The piece titled “I will flood you with my flowers” was inspired by the nature of Marbella. An outburst of colors and texture influenced by the artist’s experiences on Costa Del Sol. The 1 of 1 will be auctioned starting on November 29.

The auction buyer will receive exclusive whitelist privileges for the MASKs premier lineup (5 whitelist slots guaranteed), in addition to tickets to the Krew MASKS premier event at Art Basel in Miami, during the week of December 2nd. There the winner can meet the Krew team, Jordi, and learn more about the AR/VR tech being integrated into the drop, in addition to getting to know more about the man behind the MASKs themselves (Molla).

Additionally, a percentage of the MASKS lineup will be available to Raini supporters as a special allocation for providing liquidity or staking $RAINI via the platform’s Unicorn and Rainbow pools. More info about Raini staking can be found here.

Krew Members Only NFT Passes Grant Access to Exclusive “MASKS” Event

Krew Studios will be releasing a very limited number of  “Members Only” NFT Passes that will give holders access to the “MASKS” NFT Art Basel event. In the future, this model will be used for all future Krew lineups: Krew’s Member Only Pass NFT will grant exclusive whitelist privileges to holders for every drop they produce.

More details will be released in the coming weeks.

Website: https://jordimolla.raini.io/

Media Contact: James Williams, j@nftdrops.com

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