Retired diplomat says defense officials misled Trump over the number of troops in Syria

WASHINGTON — US guard authorities regularly deluded President Trump into accepting the American troop include in Syria was a great deal lower than it really is, a resigning US ambassador said in a sensation talk with this week.

“We were continually playing shell games to not clarify to our authority the number of troops we had there,” James Jeffrey, US uncommon agent for Syria commitment, said in a meeting with Defense One.

In October 2019, Trump requested the withdrawal of US troops from northern Syria — a choice dubious among administrators, protection authorities and representatives.

Pentagon authorities persuaded the president to give up around 200 soldiers to ensure oil fields in the nation’s east that were in danger of falling under ISIS control, Jeffrey said.

In any case, the genuine number of troops in upper east Syria is “much more than” the 200 Trump consented to give up, Jeffrey stated, with certain authorities putting the number as high as 900.

“What Syria withdrawal? There was never a Syria withdrawal,” Jeffrey told the media.

“At the point when the circumstance in upper east Syria had been genuinely steady after we crushed ISIS, [Trump] was slanted to pull out,” he went on.

“For each situation, we at that point chose to concoct five better contentions for why we expected to remain. What’s more, we succeeded the multiple times. That is the story,” he said.

As per a Washington Post report distributed last October, Pentagon authorities discontent with the withdrawal engaged Trump’s advantage in oil to persuade him not to pull out soldiers.

“This resembles taking care of an infant its medication in yogurt or fruit purée,” one US official acquainted with the thoughts said.

Jeffrey, who was the US envoy to Iraq and Turkey under President Barack Obama and a representative public security guide to President George W. Shrub, was an underwriter of the scandalous “Never Trump” letter from GOP security authorities contradicting the new president.

Be that as it may, the ambassador said he was really intrigued by Trump’s Middle East record and is currently pushing the approaching Biden organization to embrace it.

“No one truly needs to see President Trump go, among every one of our partners [in the Middle East],” he said.

“In all actuality President Trump and his strategies are very mainstream among the entirety of our well known states in the district. Name me one that is distraught.”


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