Robin Givens Won’t Consider along with Jamie Foxx’s Mike Tyson Biopic

While Jamie Foxx has been building up to play Mike Tyson on the cinema, Tyson’s first spouse, Robin Givens, was preparing to possibly go head to head in court over her depiction in the film.

However, Givens may have just won a TKO — as Tyson’s camp disclosed to us that there are no designs for their relationship to be in the biopic. Tyson and Givens were hitched in 1988 for eight months, however their resulting war of words endured longer than the pre-marriage ceremony.

Legal advisors for Givens sent Tyson and Foxx a cut it out letter a month ago, Page Six has only learned, to “request that Mr. Tyson stop this instant from further criticizing Ms. Givens, and to put those creating, composing and additionally coordinating the proposed Tyson biopic, and those delivering Mr. Tyson’s web recording, on notice that they are to shun depicting Ms. Givens in a bogus, negative and abusive light.”

Her attorneys said that Givens was “shattered” to send the lawful letter, however asserted, “While [she] has endeavored to proceed onward, she actually winds up battling the damaging, disparaging and bogus records of their relationship by Mr. Tyson almost 35 years after the fact. It is the ideal opportunity for Mr. Tyson to leave this marriage alone the relic of the past that it is.”

Givens has said in interviews that she’s worried about her likely depiction in the film. The letter asserts that Tyson’s previous remarks about her gave Givens “great reason to be concerned,” including Tyson’s frequently told claims he got her in bed with Brad Pitt when they were separating, which Givens has denied. However, a rep for Tyson revealed to us that Givens won’t be important for the story in the film all things considered.

“Starting at now, Mr. Tyson’s lawyers have not gotten any quit it, however there isn’t nor has there been any goal of remembering his relationship with her for his biopic. He wishes her well in the entirety of her undertakings,” the rep said.

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