Rohde & Schwarz and IPG Automotive unveil a complete Hardware-in-the-Loop automotive radar test solution

Rohde & Schwarz has teamed up with IPG Automotive, a pioneer in virtual test driving, to redefine automotive radar Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) integration testing and thereby reducing the cost by bringing Autonomous Driving (AD) testing from the proving ground to the development lab. Combining the CarMaker simulation software from IPG Automotive with the R&S AREG800A radar object simulator and the R&S QAT100 advanced antenna array provides vehicle manufacturers with the ability to simulate ADAS/AD scenarios like those defined in the Euro NCAP in a controlled, safe, time-efficient and cost-reducing way. This combination provides automotive OEMs and radar sensor suppliers with a comprehensive radar sensor testing platform. It is applicable for validation and real-time, closed-loop characterization of radar sensors and enables compliance with Association for ASAM standards.

Caption: In linking the competencies of their products, IPG Automotive and Rohde & Schwarz reduce cost and time of testing ADAS/AV scenarios.

IPG Automotive’s CarMaker simulation solution is designed for development and end-to-end testing of cars and light commercial vehicles at all development stages from MIL/SIL to HIL and VIL. The open integration and test platform allows vehicle manufacturers, engineering services companies and Tier 1 suppliers to implement virtual test scenarios in the application areas of powertrain, vehicle dynamic chassis functions and ADAS/AD functions. Thanks to a high-resolution 3D engine, the simulation of the complete sensor stack is possible in very high detail. Seamless integration into existing tool landscapes is also possible with a variety of supported standards and interfaces like the ASAM Open Standards.

The R&S AREG800A, in conjunction with the R&S QAT100, generates multiple artificial objects, each with independent range, Radar Cross Section (RCS), angle (azimuth/elevation) and radial velocity. The Open Simulation Interface (ASAM OSI) links R&S AREG800A with the CarMaker HIL test automation, creating a comprehensive test setup, proving extremely valuable for realistic driving scenario assessment within radar HIL testing. Moreover, the solution includes a Scenario Editor, specifically designed for non-simulation experts. This feature greatly simplifies the process of testing maneuver-based driving scenarios and their associated complex traffic-related configurations and makes it accessible to a wider range of professionals.

The simulation solution CarMaker features an advanced Test Manager, capable of building and running automated test sequences. It can run tests individually or simultaneously, locally or in the cloud, providing flexibility and scalability. Additionally, it automates the calculation and evaluation of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and generates reports automatically, thereby saving considerable time and effort.

The Model Manager CarMaker helps to define the configuration of virtual vehicle prototypes. This enhances the realism and accuracy of simulations, making them more useful for testing and development.

Andreas Höfer, Chief Technology Officer at IPG Automotive: “With the collaboration between Rohde & Schwarz and IPG Automotive, we intend to provide the automotive industry with a comprehensive Hardware-in-the-Loop integration test solution, bringing tests from the proving ground into the lab, resulting in significant time and cost savings in the development process.”

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IPG Automotive
As a global leader in virtual test driving technology, IPG Automotive develops innovative simulation solutions for vehicle development. Designed for seamless use, the software and hardware products can be applied throughout the entire development process, from proof-of-concept to validation and release. The company’s virtual prototyping technology facilitates the automotive systems engineering approach, allowing users to develop, test and validate new systems in a virtual whole vehicle.

IPG Automotive is an expert in the field of virtual development methods for the application areas of Autonomous Vehicles, ADAS, Powertrain and Vehicle Dynamics, committed to providing support to master the growing complexity in these domains. Together with its international clients and partners, the company is pioneering simulation technology that is increasing the efficiency of development processes.

By taking real test driving into the virtual world as a complement to on-road testing, IPG Automotive contributes significantly to technical progress and shares in shaping the mobility of tomorrow with regard to comfort, safety, economic efficiency and environmental friendliness.

In addition to the company headquarters in Karlsruhe, Germany, IPG Automotive provides innovative development services to its customers and partners at the Germany-based offices in Braunschweig, Frankfurt, Ingolstadt, Munich and Stuttgart as well as in China, France, India, Japan, Korea, Sweden, the UK and the USA.

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