Russia calls claims it is poised to invade neighboring Ukraine “ridiculous” and blames NATO

Russia called claims it is ready to attack adjoining Ukraine “ridiculous” and faulted NATO for expanding strains by needing to drag the previous Soviet satellite into the alliance​.

President Vladimir Putin has requested various security guarantees from Western countries, including notwithstanding Ukraine or other previous Soviet states from becoming NATO members and a downside of forces from Eastern Europe.

He has stationed in excess of 100,000 soldiers and weighty military equipment along Russia’s eastern line with Ukraine, and the US has said an assault could occur whenever.

“As of now, they’re saying that Russia undermines Ukraine – that is totally ridiculous,” ​Nikolai Patrushev, the top of Russia’s Security Council, said Sunday, as indicated by the Russian news agency. ​

“We don’t need war and we needn’t bother with it at all​,” he said.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov emphasized Moscow’s resistance to Ukraine joining the 30-member alliance.

NATO “has as of now approached Ukraine. They likewise need to drag this nation there,” Lavrov said. “​​Although everybody comprehends that Ukraine isn’t prepared and could make no commitment to strengthening NATO security.”

His comments come a day after Russia started attempting to enlist Ukrainians into the Russian armed force in the midst of the development of powers along the Ukrainian border.​

Viktor Vodolatsky, a high-positioning Russian administrator, encouraged regular citizens in Ukraine’s Russian-involved Donbas locale to get together with the Russian military.

Russia has been supporting favorable to separatists battling the Ukrainian armed force in Donbas since Putin illegally annexed Crimea in 2014.

“In the event that Russian residents living in the (regions) need to join the Russian Armed Forces, the Rostov local military commissariat will enroll and draft them,” Vodolatsky told.

The US and NATO in their composed reactions to Putin’s requests said prohibiting Ukraine from joining the alliance is a non-starter however flagged that different issues might be open for discussion.

Lavrov on Sunday said that he will press the US and its partners for explanation on meeting the security needs.

“Today, through the foreign ministry, we are sending an official request to our partners in the alliance and the OSCE, asking them to disclose how they mean to execute (their) responsibility not to reinforce their security to the detriment of others,” Lavrov said, alluding to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, which has been partaking in the discussions.

The US has cautioned Putin that an intrusion of Ukraine would bring “severe” outcomes through devastating financial authorizations “like nothing he’s consistently seen.”

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said the public authority will acquaint regulation this week with expand the scope of authorizations it can slap on Russia.

“How the regulation empowers us to treat hit a lot more extensive assortment of targets. So there can be no one who imagines that they will be insusceptible to those sanctions,” Truss​ said Sunday.

The British government had just designated organizations associated with weakening Ukraine, yet the new proposition would extend the punishments to incorporate Russian monetary foundations, energy organizations and oligarchs near the Kremlin.

“Any organization important to the Kremlin and the system in Russia would have the option to be designated so there will be no place to stow away for Putin’s oligarchs, for Russian companies involved in propping up the Russian state​,” Truss said.​​