Russian President Vladimir Putin directed to construct two “Doomsday” planes for use in event of nuclear war

Russian President Vladimir Putin has coordinated the construction of two new purported “Doomsday” planes that would function as order and control centers in case of a devastating nuclear conflict.

The aircraft are intended to ship Russia’s top leadership to safety in case of an assault and permit them to stay in contact with the military. The planes are joined by contender streams and are windowless put something aside for the cockpit.

The state-run news organization RIA-Novosti detailed Monday that construction on the first of the two aircraft is in progress in the focal Russian city of Voronezh. The report noticed that the construction of a third aircraft is additionally a chance.

The new planes will be changed Ilyushin Il-96 aircrafts and supplant the current Doomsday Ilyushin Il-80s, which have been in service since the last part of the 1980s. RIA Novosti revealed that the new planes are relied upon to have double the flight scope of their archetypes and will empower the Kremlin’s top of the food chain to provide requests to land-based, submarine and airborne nuclear missile launchers inside a scope of in excess of 3,700 miles.

This previous December, one of the current Doomsday planes was broken into and deprived of electronic gear while going through upkeep at a runway in Taganrog in southern Russia. While specialists presumed the wrongdoing was perpetrated by normal criminals who looked for valuable metals — like gold and platinum – contained in the gear, the burglary was a humiliating security breach for the Kremlin.

Expression of the construction of new Doomsday planes came hours after Pentagon press secretary John Kirby tweeted video of the mid-air refueling of a US Air Force E-4B order and control aircraft.

“An E-4B refuel mid-flight basically never goes downhill,” Kirby spouted. “Wow, the abilities it takes! Incredible flying by these aircrews. Thank you kindly.”

In the interim, American and Russia agents are set to meet in Geneva, Switzerland Wednesday for the first round of nuclear arms control talks consented to by Putin and President Biden finally month’s summit meeting.

The US appointment to the discussions will be driven by Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, a vital arbitrator of the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement.