Saudi man in ‘irregular’ condition drives car into Meccas Grand Mosque: report

A Saudi man slammed his vehicle into the entryways of Mecca’s Grand Mosque late Friday, as per state-run media.

The man was in an “anomalous” state when specialists captured him inside and he was alluded to investigators for expected charges, said the Saudi Press Agency, The Associated Press reports.

In this March 6, 2020 record photograph, Saudi cops watch the Kaaba, the cubic structure at the Grand Mosque, in the Muslim blessed city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. (Amr Nabil/)

The man sped through a hindrance around 10:30 p.m. neighborhood time and kept on driving until he hit the entryway on the southern side of the holiest site in Islam, which houses the Kaaba, asked toward multiple times day by day by perceptive Muslims.

Individuals kept on visiting the Kaaba when Friday’s episode, as indicated by film appeared on the state-run satellite station Quran TV.

The mosque began its slow returning recently in the wake of shutting in the midst of the progressing Covid pandemic. Starting Sunday, guests from countries considered safe to play out the Islamic journey to Mecca and Medina known as the Umrah at 100% of the recently adjusted limit.

Starting Oct. 4, up to 6,000 residents and inhabitants were permitted to play out the Umrah every day, with new measures allowing a reexamined limit of 20,000 pioneers into the Grand Mosque every day.

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