Security boards erected as a precaution in NYC stores were demolished

New York stores were spotted Tuesday destroying the ocean of defensive pressed wood that had been raised over apprehensions of a vicious post-political race backfire.

Laborers were seen outside enormous customer facing facades in the Big Apple bringing down the sheets that turned into a disturbing image of the revolt that authorities dreaded would follow a troublesome official race.

The Post spotted development groups outside various top of the line stores in Midtown Manhattan, including goldsmiths Wempe and Tourneau.

While there were brutal fights over the US during the on edge sit tight for a choice, it has been generally serene since Joe Biden was announced president-elect on Saturday.

Many consider that to be proof that the genuine dread was a Biden misfortune, with President Trump among the individuals who cautioned that “Biden’s extreme left allies are taking steps to plunder and mob” in the event that they didn’t “get their direction.”


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