Seniors in NYC can now make appointments to get their COVID-19 shot at pharmacies

Seniors in New York City would now be able to plan to get their COVID-19 shot at neighborhood pharmacies.

In excess of 250 stores across the city will offer the vaccine to New Yorkers 65 and more established as a component of a federal program, authorities said Thursday.

“Pharmacies are a confided in piece of our framework, especially for seniors who depend on them for prescriptions and different administrations,” City Health Commissioner Dr. Dave Chokshi said in an articulation.

A first shipment of 26,500 portions started being conveyed by the feds straightforwardly to the pharmacies on Monday, the health department said.

Those incorporate 188 Walgreens/Duane Reade locales, 75 Rite Aids and five Costco stores in the five precincts.

Areas can be discovered online a Appointments will be caused accessible as the pharmacies to get the portions.

The extra shipment of shots from the feds helped the city’s inventory by 20% this week, from the 131,825 apportioned to 158,325 first portions, the health department said.

“These extra portions will be a help for so numerous city inhabitants,” said Chokshi.

Statewide, the two CVS and Walgreens will offer the vaccine through the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program.

CVS said it was to get 20,600 portions at around 30 stores in the state, however none in New York City.

Walgreens said it was distributed 18,600 portions each week in New York City and 10,700 dosages in the remainder of the state.

“This assignment is required to stay steady throughout the following month and we keep on working with the CDC as stock keeps on building,” a representative said in an explanation.

“As the program extends, and supply turns out to be all the more promptly accessible, the allotment might be changed.”