Serbian Pop Singer Jelena Stuns The Crowd at Float Dubai

The star who’s known as the “Lady Gaga of Serbia” blew away the fans with a stunning performance in the world’s largest floating nightlife venue ‘Float Dubai’, that’s often called as the best place to experience nightlife in the United Arab Emirates in all its sizzling glory.

Serbian superstar referred to as “Lady Gaga of Serbia” and “Madonna of the Balkans” Jelena Karleuša blew away the fans with the captivating musical performance in Dubai. She wowed the stage in the world’s biggest and most luxurious floating nightclub, Float in Dubai. After Tyga and French Montana, Jelena was the first woman to take the stage in Float.

Serbian female vocal kicked off the exciting night with her stunning performance, which included her most loved and popular compositions. ICICB Group and Float Dubai were in charge of putting up this incredible show. 

“I’m thrilled that nightlife lovers are enjoying my performance, and this is my first time performing in such an amazing floating docked nightclub,” she added. She continued to dazzle the audience with her strong stage presence and got the crowd on their feet. Jelena not only impressed the audience with her amazing performance, but she also took the chance to showcase why she is the number one music star in Eastern Europe by performing in a way that had never been seen in Dubai before.

Jelena is the most well-known Serbian singer and media personality. With a string of popular albums, she rose to prominence in the mid-nineties. Because of her fashion sense and talent, she has nearly a million Instagram followers.

About Float Dubai and ICICB Group

Float Dubai brings the present and the future together in an experience unlike any other. It offers an once-in-a-lifetime experience. It has a 1000-person capacity, located on historic attraction and floating hotel, Queen Elizabeth II, otherwise known as QE2 in Port Rashid. World-class entertainment is a prime focus for the venue. Float is a joint venture equally owned by ICICB Group. With backing from ICICB Group, one of the world’s fastest-growing multinational investment companies, Float Dubai intends to be the world’s most advanced floating hotel and nightclub. 

ICICB Group is focused on the development of digital technology and financial services. The Group is a UAE-based financial services company headquartered in Dubai and with a vast network of more than 114 branches and offices located in 26 countries. With the use of a dual-pronged approach of deploying new technologies and integrating innovative processes to formulate sustainable solutions, the Group aims to deliver added-value solutions to its clients in the tech ecosystem.

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