‘Size Basel’ Brings Crypto Elite Together on December 03 in Miami

Miami’s iconic Art Basel kicks off on December 02, converging the world of art, culture, and fashion to celebrate Miami’s rich cultural landscape. This year, however, the week wouldn’t be complete without recognizing Miami’s vast strides to become one of the leading cryptocurrency hubs in the United States. From crypto exchange FTX securing naming rights for the Miami Heat Stadium (now called FTX Arena) to Miami’s pro-crypto mayor Fancis Suarez, the city is flourishing with opportunities in the blockchain industry. 

At the core of this progressive movement is a vibrant local cryptocurrency community, complete with influencers, traders, fund managers, builders, and more. To celebrate the city and its growing popularity for cryptocurrency, three crypto influencers and a who’s who of sponsors are throwing what is anticipated to be the most exclusive party of the week: Size Basel. 

Coined from a play on words of Art Basel and arguably the most beloved Crypto Twitter (often referred to as CT) influencer Size Chad, the exclusive yet grassroots event will attract the most influential and high net worth individuals of Crypto Twitter. The organizers include the trio of Size Chad, Discount Gosling, and Zhi Ko – popular Crypto Twitter personalities with nearly 200,000 combined followers and a reputation for partying hard across the world. 

Co-Organizer Size Chad says, “We wanted to curate an influential gathering of Crypto Twitter minds to further promote the growth of NFTs and Crypto Twitter in Miami, nationwide, and globally. We have the chance to use our collective brands and passions to further push what we believe is one of the most transformational times of our lives – and have fun while doing it.” 

When asked about the group’s tendency to shoot for extravagance, Discount Gosling said, “There will be super cars, LED dancers, go-go dancers, Crypto Twitter favorites DJ-ing (like Keyboard Monkey, PPLPLEASR, and Coin Artist), live saxophone and drumline acts which will end with a car service to E11even. We just want everyone to have a great time. It’s going to be a blast.”

Zhi Ko adds, “The demand for the event has been incredible. We have been approached by non-crypto artists, entertainers, and Art Basel regulars looking for a change of scenery. We hope to make this an annual event and grow it over the years.” 

BitDao and Arbitrum are also named as co-organizers along with the support of sponsors that include Rarestone Capital, SushiSwap, Stacked, HighStreet, and SoundArts. Together, the event will be showcasing and auctioning high-profile NFTs that range between $100,000 to multiple millions of dollars. 

To learn more about the event, you can keep up with the organizers on Twitter at:




Media Contact: James Williams, j@nftdrops.com

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