Softing Industrial presents “plantPerfect Monitor” for condition monitoring of industrial communication networks at ACHEMA 2024

At ACHEMA 2024, Softing Industrial presents “plantPerfect Monitor”, an innovative solution for comprehensive condition monitoring of industrial communication networks and installed systems.

“plantPerfect Monitor” provides comprehensive condition monitoring of industrial communication networks
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“plantPerfect Monitor” provides detailed insights into the status of industrial networks. Version 1.00 is designed for use with Softing’s hardware gateway “smartLink HW-DP”, which enables controller-independent access to PROFIBUS DP networks. Softing Industrial will launch an extended version of the “plantPerfect Monitor” for status monitoring of PROFINET devices in the fourth quarter of 2024. That version will be compatible with Softing’s “smartLink HW-PN” hardware gateway.

Central access and comprehensive monitoring for PROFIBUS devices

“plantPerfect Monitor” provides centralized access to real-time and historical data. Through live inventory, it provides an overview of all installed PROFIBUS devices and monitors the status of all connected PROFIBUS devices, including PROFIBUS diagnostic messages. Convenient access is provided via a web browser and can be shared by multiple organizations and users. The solution is deployed using a container architecture on a Windows workstation.

Modern technology for plant operators and maintenance personnel
“plantPerfect Monitor” is a powerful and flexible solution specifically designed for plant operators and maintenance personnel. It enables efficient monitoring of industrial networks and facilities. With state-of-the-art technology, “plantPerfect Monitor” meets the requirements of a modern and safe Operational Technology (OT) application, setting new standards in condition monitoring.

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