SSDI Recipient Gia Loren Launches Go Fund Me Campaign

Fundraiser: ‘Her Smile Hides Her Struggle –
SSDI Recipient  Desperately Needs Donations for Down Payment on Forever Home in Sun City West, Arizona’

Gia Loren is always smiling, but behind the facade is her struggle. Privately, she is struggling with early onset Parkinson’s disease, without any family support. Although she was recently approved for SSDI government benefits, which  equate to less than 2,000 a month, she is definitely behind the 8-ball financially.

Like many people today, Gia’s dream is to put down a substantial down payment on a home in the Sun City West, Arizona area, which has some of the best neurologists and movement disorder specialists, and would allow her to safely live in a 55+senior community, while maintaining an active lifestyle, as well as access to the Mayo Clinic and Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center in Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona, respectively, and

to lock in a monthly mortgage rate, which Gia’s current SSDI benefits would cover and give her a sense of security by having a place to FINALLY call ‘Home’, and without fear of an increase in monthly rent.

Gia’s  Story: After living in Europe (Italy, Germany, Sicily) and South America (Ecuador) for the past 15 years, Gia Loren, at the age of 54, has finally returned home to the USA, and was looking forward to settling back into the USA and starting the next exciting chapter of her life: The Active Retirement phase in Sun City West, Arizona.

After returning to the States last summer, things took a turn for the worse for Gia…She had noticed that some things were ‘off’ with her body and mind, and after extensive testing she received her Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis this year.

As you can imagine, she has been struggling, both emotionally and financially, with this diagnosis/news, which has turned her thoughts, life and plans upside down. She feels like her professional goal / career change of becoming a realtor has gone out the window, as her memory and physical abilities are not what they once were as a result of the Parkinson’s diagnosis and progression.

To make matters worse, Gia is estranged from her remaining family members and has no children, nor a spouse, which means that her emotional and financial support system at this time is non-existent, and Gia must bear 100% of the housing/living costs on her own. She is an extremely strong and determined woman, but this entire situation, between the Parkinson’s diagnosis, the uncertainty of her future and the physical/mental restrictions, as well as the financial component, have all completely knocked the wind out of Gia.

Undoubtedly, Gia sees the progression of this disease on a daily basis with her body and mind, and she is doing her absolute best to maintain her physical balance, optimism, avoid depression and increase her strength to overcome her daily challenges, and prevent herself from falling and/or ending up in a wheelchair one day, without the ability to walk or talk.

A Go Fund Me account has been established to assist Gia in fulfilling her dream of having a place to finally call ‘Home Sweet Home’. For further information or to make a donation, please visit the GoFundMe link: