Taliban continue to gain territory in Afghanistan and stir international fears of a humanitarian crisis

The Taliban keep on acquiring territory in Afghanistan and stir international fears of a humanitarian crisis in the wake of the continuous withdrawal by US and allied forces.

The Muslim extremist group claims to now control 85% of the country. It likewise held onto key boundary intersections with Iran and Turkmenistan in the western area of Herat, as per reports.

U.S. authorities made light of the increases this week and said U.S.- upheld Afghan government forces are prepared to protect their country.

“Guaranteeing territory or asserting ground doesn’t mean you can support that or keep it after some time” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said in a meeting with media. “Thus I believe it’s truly an ideal opportunity for the Afghan forces to get into the field – and they are in the field – and to guard their country, their people.

Be that as it may, Kirby additionally recognized a “deteriorating security situation” in Afghanistan.

The World Health Organization cautioned of a forthcoming humanitarian crisis.

“We are worried about our absence of admittance to have the option to give fundamental drugs and supplies and we are worried about assaults on health care,” WHO local crises chief Rick Brennan told a U.N. briefing in Geneva.

He said basically 18.4 million Afghans require humanitarian assisitance, including 3.1 million kids in danger of intense hunger.

The Biden Administration hauled the last American troops out of Bagram Airfield, the U.S. military’s biggest Afghan base, last week. It’s anything but a deadline of Aug. 31 for the withdrawal of all U.S. troops, minus a power to ensure the American embassy in Kabul.