Taliban seized radio station in Afghanistan’s second largest city, renaming “Voice of Sharia,”

The Taliban held onto a radio station in Afghanistan’s second biggest city, renaming it “Voice of Sharia,” Saturday as the insurgents proceeded with their lightning hostile to assume responsibility for the country, under three weeks before the US is set to pull out its last troops.

The Taliban delivered a video in which an anonymous radical declared the takeover of Kandahar’s fundamental radio station, which used to play music.

In the video, the man said that rather than music, all radio employees would start broadcasting news, politics and recitations of the Quran on the station.

It was muddled if the Taliban had supplanted the employees or permitted them to get back to work.

The Taliban has a background marked by working portable radio stations to communicate its messages, anyway it has not held a station within a significant city since 2001, when the group was removed by US forces.

At the point when the Taliban administered the country somewhere in the range of 1996 and 2001 it had additionally worked a station called Voice of Sharia out of Kandahar, which is the aggressor group’s introduction to the world city. Music was prohibited then, at that point.

The Taliban were inside 50 miles of Kabul, one of the last holdouts. The city of Mazar-I-Sharif, a traditional anti-Taliban fortress in the north, was encircled by insurgents.

Biden on Thursday requested 3,000 troops to Kabul to empty the US embassy and regular folks there in anticipation of an approaching assault on the city.

Pentagon representative John Kirby said during a news instructions Friday that the majority of the 3,000 troops would be set up by Sunday and “will actually want to move thousands every day” out of Afghanistan.