Teaching the Public about Cryptocurrency Analysis

If 2017’s ICO boom wasn’t enough, the 2020 DeFi and this year’s NFT craze to monetize everything even tweets, has brought in ever new tokens to the market. Today there are thousands of tokens and coins, each one claiming to offer a better opportunity and service than its competitor. This has led to a lot of confusion for an average person. The rising tide of digital assets has made it difficult to decide where to invest or trade. The matter is further complicated with the fact that DeFi and NFTs have brought in new rules to the game. Things like yield farming and liquidity pools are a strange concept to many.

Limytd is a Swiss crypto educational platform that cuts through the fog and helps the public to have an understanding of what blockchain actually is and how they can understand and evaluate its different aspects that can affect their investment decisions.

  • Tell us about Limytd and why did you start this?

In the past few years, me and my team received increasing requests about our knowledge based consultation services in the blockchain sector. The high demand of our services led us to a point at which we had to come up with a solution to be farther able to provide these services on our professional quality level. Limytd was started to enable us to educate the masses of people in a short period of time.

  • What is Blockchain Academy?

The blockchain academy is the product of our team´s knowledge, carefully collected and professionally produced with high focus on valuable content combined with a high quality production. The academy aims to guide blockchain interested individuals to  invest and make use of the variety of blockchain applications properly and benefit from these investments and applications step by step.

  • There are many other platforms that offer blockchain education. What sets Limytd’s apart from the rest?

What really sets us miles apart from any other blockchain education is that we offer the most extensive academy guiding our users through the videos which consist of high amounts of value provided in short easy to understand videos. Watching and studying through our academy videos the puzzle pieces of blockchain knowledge find together and in result in a person really understanding the fundamentals and the knowledge based on these. This is how a blockchain expert is made. Every one of us put in their utmost hard work, effort and knowledge creating this absolute unique kind of a product. We also update our valuable content on a regular basis if changes happen on the market or new relevant topics appear. We´re able to really quickly adapt to changes regarding market changes and deliver high quality production content regarding the newest topics. 

  • You claim the academy is for both novice and advanced crypto investors. What tools does the academy offer that can benefit both types of visitors?

Our academies include absolute basic knowledge in the blockchain field up to very in depth information on researching, evaluating and investing that can be used by either side, beginners or advanced users to either learn the basics or specialize their existing knowledge. Users of our platform can use the provided knowledge to enhance their workflow or even rely on our very own expert strategy, included in the courses. Our academy courses allow everyone to start and study at any point depending on their prior experience. Therefore every user can simply jump in at any given point and expand their knowledge further.

  • What about Collaborations? What collaborations have you done and how it is helping the public at large?

We are currently negotiating a couple of cooperations as well, which we will inform the public about when everything is ready to launch. What we can definitely say at this point though, is that we already signed contracts with several big well known companies regarding charity projects, so stay tuned we´re working on many exciting things in the background.

  • Limytd’s team is quite young. How is it able to provide such in-depth knowledge and tools of the trade?

Despite the existing prior experience and an engineering education background of most of our team members, the blockchain market is pretty young itself, making it almost self-evident for younger generations to be able to understand what´s going on quickly and adapt to the new technology with all the opportunities and possibilities. We didn´t really have any other possibility, than to start a company this size, to provide the masses with the knowledge and experience we´ve gathered in this young rising sector.

  • We see that Limytd is currently offering its academy in the German language. Do you have any plans for the international community?

This technology being present everywhere on the world drives us to aim for being the number one contact point for everyone out there demanding for knowledge and education about it. That´s why one of our first planned milestones is to offer our product in a variety of multiple different languages as well.

  • What is in store for the future and how does Limytd plan to offer more services?

Beside the fact, that we´re already offering cointipps, coin analysis, blockchain knowledge for beginners up to advanced users, we are currently in the process of adding even more services to our platform, which will be publicly communicated by time.