Tech Entrepreneur Charles Glar to Initiate Plan in 2021 to Help Thousands of Businesses With Free Aid Amid Economic Recession

CYBUR Technologies is a company founded on the idea of helping others. It was built around providing businesses with much needed help to keep up with technological trends. As helping businesses is what they do best, it comes as no surprise that CYBUR will be doing just that in the midst of the economic downturn the entire world is being faced with.

CYBUR’s CEO Charles Glar has come up with a plan to assist businesses suffering from the current pandemic’s economic consequences. Studies done on the subject have shown as many as 100,000 businesses have been forced to close to date. With restrictions still being put on small businesses, many business owners are not hopeful for the future of their livelihoods even after the pandemic ends.

A recent poll done by the Chamber of Commerce found that 58% of small business owners in the US are still concerned about what the future may hold. In turn, CYBUR is prepared to assist businesses with up to 10 million dollars worth of assets in web-design services, marketing assistance, and even grants for business owners looking to come back even stronger than before. Glar says this is just the beginning of the plans he has to assist small business owners throughout 2021 and hopes to help even more in the future.

On December 7th 2020, businesses will be able to sign up for assistance for a 2 month long period. Any business owner interested is welcomed to learn more on how CYBUR can help them come back better than ever.

CYBUR Technologies uses Artificial Intelligence software to build websites in as fast as 60 seconds. What makes CYBUR’s approach to web-design so unique is their use of human teams to put the finishing touches on each individual website according to specific business needs. This allows businesses to work with the design teams to ensure their website is exactly what they need while AI software perfects the search engine optimization (SEO.) CYBUR also provides everything from marketing assistance to lifetime updates making the AI driven web-design company stand out among competitors.

“During the pandemic, l realized that businesses needed a platform that would help them thrive in the post-COVID era,” Glar said. “Many businesses need help adapting to a more technologically driven environment.”

On top of providing CYBUR’s services for free, Charles Glar plans to donate grants to local businesses in Boston MA where CYBUR Technologies is located. Any business small or large should look into this assistance as it can make the difference between thriving in the post-Covid era or declaring bankruptcy.

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