Ten rockets struck an Iraqi base hosting US troops , security sources said

Ten rockets struck an Iraqi base facilitating US troops on Wednesday morning, security sources said.

No fatalities were promptly detailed in the assault on Ain al-Asad air base, which likewise houses Iraqi forces, the sources said.

A Baghdad Operations Command official disclosed to Reuters that 13 rockets were terminated at the base from around 5 miles away.

Monday’s assault is the second time in under a month US forces were focused on Iraqi soil.

A Feb. 15 rocket assault against a US army installation in Northern Iraq murdered a US-drove alliance project worker and left others injured, including an American assistance part.

That strike prompted a retaliatory besieging by the US a week ago on a complex inside Syria utilized by an Iran-upheld local army.

The Biden administration said the airstrikes were proposed to discourage future assaults on US troops in Iraq.